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  March 8, 2017, at 9:30 am Organized by the Guanlan Street Safety Supervision Organization organized enterprise safety production standardization construction and training meeting,Shenzhen BLJ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Send representatives to participate in learning and training sessions.
  The training session by the Shenzhen Longhua New Area Education Base system lecturer preaching On the definition of enterprise safety production standardization, norms and how to establish long-term operation, the role and significance of the enterprise and society.
  Our representatives, through this training session after, Organized in the company all the staff to learn this training safety courses,So that all employees more deeply aware of,Standardization of safe production of enterprises Conducive to further standardize the production safety work.The implementation of safety production standardization is On the safety of all aspects of production work, Made clear, specific requirements,The enterprise to solve production safety work,What to do and how to do it issues,Can better guide enterprises to implement safety production responsibility system, Do a good job in safe production.The establishment of safe production of long-term mechanism has a very good role in promoting and promote the role,Effectively guarantee the completion of enterprise safety production goals.

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