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December 10 Staff collective outdoor activities

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  To enrich the amateur cultural life of staff, and enhance communication between the management team at all levels of communication and exchange, while encouraging the enthusiasm of the management team to work and enhance team cohesion. In December 10, 2016 by the company personnel administration department convened all company management team personnel, collective out of outdoor picnic.
  picnic after the Casual event.   divided into two groups by the coach in order to start a "we are the best cohesion team" to expand the project.

        Through this outdoor picnic and development activities, we enjoy the green mountains and rivers between the natural landscape, relax the mind and body, cultivate the sentiments. Management team united, progressive, unwilling to fall behind, the spirit of proactive. Fully demonstrated the company's good team cohesion atmosphere style. But also enhance the friendship between the department administrator staff. I believe that through this event, we will be more full of enthusiasm into the work.

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